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  • PG Soft API games
  • Betfury clone script
  • PIX payment
  • Crash game
  • Bot players
  • Affiliate system
  • PHP Laravel script
  • Manipulate winnings
  • Control players
  • Open source code
  • 100% admin win profit


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BETFURY script – Portuguese Betfiery – BRL currency & PIX payment gateway

Buy it and get instant download access and you can be online within 1 hour with your own Betfyre script with the most popular games right now and we also have 100+ additional Pragmatic play casino games.

Betfiery script download

The Betfyre casino script is extremely hot right now plus also very easy to install.
Right now is a very good time to start earning money on the online gambling business, don´t miss out!

Buy betfyre script

Control the games, players and every other aspects of the Betfyre script with amazing eye caching games!
From the administration panel you are able to manage game settings, players, limitations as you would like it to be.
NEW:  create and manage bot players to make the site “alive” with virtual casino players on your site.
The entire Betfyre script is in full Portuguese – no need to translate anything!
If you are looking for more games we also have other great casino platforms ready for modifications.

The code is built in php / laravel and mysql and also called the Betfiery script.

Built with comfort and easy managment in mind, no need to advanced and powerful expensive server to go live.

Betfiery casino script open source code

Create bonus codes for you players.
Users can invite new players to earn money with the built in affiliate refferal system where you can grow business easilly.
Buy the Betfiery casino script, very popular and totally flawless with 10+ rating.


By popular customer requests we did add PIX payment gateway, it´s there all ready to go!
Add your pix credentials and you will be ready to accept players directly.

Pix is a payment method developed by the Central Bank of Brazil that enables transactions to occur in less than 10 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – including weekends and holidays.
By selecting Pix at the checkout page, users can either scan a QR Code using their smartphones or copy and paste a Pix code into their banking or digital wallet apps. After that, all they need to do is check the receiver’s information and confirm the action.

The Betfyre casino script is extremely popular and after purchase you will have instant download access to the script and installation docs.
The script is built on the same core as the rushbet pix casino just with pg soft api games and portuguese language added.
The amazing features and easy to use admin panel makes the script not only easy to manage but also players are attracted to the powerful and yet simple structure to play and win on fun casino games, just as the rushbet and other versions we have for sale.

In regards to server and installation we do suggest a VPS server such as Alma linux 8 or 9 and cpanel.
If you need our help to install the Betfyre script just let us know and we offer free same day installation.
If you need the most powerful clone betfury script, you might consider our pro system.

Brazil casino script PIX gateway

Start you own online casino with the amazing Betfyre script.

Get in touch on our live chat and let´s discuss questions you might have!

You can change the logo to your own, swap banners, replace images and manage colours.

Simple and easy to customize the entire casino script according to your needs.

Start your own Betfiery script casino website today!

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Laravel, MySql, Php


Crash, Self hosted

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Payment gateway

PIX, Virtual credits

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